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coming Christmas 2024

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90 min | Feature Film |  Christmas / Comedy / Drama

Director: Ernest Serrano


Expecting parents Marco and Mia are in for a wild surprise when their families arrive sooner than expected for a Christmas celebration that is now rife with competition from the mother-in-laws.



Life is beautiful for Marco and Mia Santiago. After a love at first sight meeting in a nightclub in San Diego and a marriage four weeks later, the two decided to celebrate their three year anniversary by finally bringing Marco’s Puerto Rican parents, Tina and Julian, to meet Mia’ s (now divorced) Mexican-American mother, Ana Marie and her African-American, Southern born, arrogant, but handsome father. Morgan. Merely weeks from delivering their first child, Marco and Mia both cloak their anxiety over the upcoming event with pretend excitement and comforting pats on the back. And finally, the day arrives when the orbits of two families must intersect. Tina arrives with her husband, Julian, who is gravely ill, but has chosen not to tell Marco or Mia. They both want to be present for the birth of their first grand-baby. Ana Marie arrives moments later to find out Tina has already staked her place in the house. This does not sit well with her. Soon after, Morgan arrives with his new Asian-American wife, Alana, and adult stepson, Brandon. Marco and Mia know that in order to survive this multiple collision of differences, they will need to work together. Both sides want to prepare traditional meals according to their specific customs and beliefs, neither side wants to budge and both mothers are ready for battle. This humanity focused comedy leaves audiences breathless with laughs and tense with expectations as they experience this moment of togetherness with two families whose ethnic backgrounds are so different, but soon find out, they are also so much alike.

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