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One Paul 41

One Paul 41 Cover_Front.jpg

Cover Art by:

Aaron Albright



"In 'One Paul 41', Deputy Johnson, an African American law enforcement officer, grapples with the pervasive racism and discrimination within his department while investigating a 911 call at an old plantation home owned by the Manning Family. Transported back in time to 1951 during his investigation, Johnson confronts Sheriff Carter, a staunch segregationist, and a haunting mystery within the house. With the help of unexpected allies, Johnson uncovers dark secrets and vengeful spirits, challenging his own fears and prejudices as he strives to break the cycle of violence and oppression that has plagued the town for generations. 'One Paul 41' is a gripping tale of courage, redemption, and the enduring power of hope in the face of adversity."

©Ernest Serrano 2024

(Based on an original screen play by Ernest Serrano ©2017)

Great news for all thriller fans out there! My book "One Paul 41" is now available on Amazon. Get ready to be thrilled and captivated by this supernatural story that will keep you on the edge your seat. Don't wait any longer to experience the suspense and excitement.
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One Paul 41
Spanish Edition

Vengeance Bound ©2018

A Christmas Mix  ©2015

(All stories are based on original screenplays written by Ernest & Michelle Serrano)

These stories will soon be available to purchase on Amazon.

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