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Poster designed by: Aaron Albright


5 Episode Series

A priest (Father Michael King) is called to a psychiatric ward regarding a possible demonic possession. When Father Michael meets Lisa Coal, their interactions leads to a series of confessions they both did not expect.



Short Film

A New York City mob boss has been framed from multiple murders which he did not commit. He looks towards his two loyal associates to find him a way to locate the real murderer. A truss maybe in the works but he knows a double cross when he sees one. He has one of his associates find his wife and bring her to his secret warehouse in the city. A double is coming, but he is shocked from who.

New York State of Mind.jpg

Poster designed by: Aaron Albright

JOAQUIN IS KING_smaller_1200.png


Short Film

Joaquin "The King" Villarreal, is the youngest cartel boss in Mexico, and he was just robbed of 100 Million Dollars. Ran out of Mexico by a corrupt general, Joaquin is now In Fresno, CA and looking for revenge.

Poster designed by: Aaron Albright


Feature Film

Their marriages were perfect.... or so it seemed.... They had beautiful wives, talented children, powerful careers, wealth in abundance. But, lurking beneath the glossy exteriors of their narcissistic lives was a secret so dark, so dangerous, so deadly in its intent that it sent a spiritual emissary to lay claim to their lives!! Will they survive this killer .... from beyond the grave? Even the hair on her beautiful head may have the power kill your body and steal... YOUR SOUL!!.


Poster designed by: Aaron Albright



Short Film

It is 1962 when Frank prepares his 1955 muscle car for another challenger. In his fifteen-plus years of street racing in the valley' Frank has seen it all. Accompanied by his nephew, Rickey, Frank pulls his car to the start line, looks back, and gives the boy a thumbs-up. Seconds later, Frank becomes a victim of a violent crash that takes his life and leaves Rickey heartbroken. After a tumultuous decade, Rickey learns his uncle's death may not have been an accident. His quest to uncover the truth takes him to the Midwest where he hopes to track down Driver, a racer who may know the real story behind Frank's death. While finding trouble with other street car racers along the way, Rickey meets a beautiful girl and picks up an unexpected passenger. But it is not until he meets Driver that Rickey realizes that his quest is just beginning.



Three powerful men have been invited to a meeting which will change one of their lives forever. Money and power are all they care about. They fear no man. They will come to fear "The Job Interview".

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Poster designed by: Aaron Albright

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