Personal Details

Falcon Pictures

"My Big Heist"

Judge - Supporting Role

Touch of the Heart Productions

"State of Consciousness"

Matthew Reising - Supporting Role

Silver Moon Pictures

"Vox Mortem"

Joe - Supporting Role

Silver Moon Pictures


Splicer - Supporting Role

White Ferret Films

"Ice Wolf Queen"

Detective Goodman - Supporting Role

Serrano Studios

"New York State of Mind"

Joseph Russo - Lead

Serrano Studios

"Grim Weaver"

Detective Hadley - Supporting Role

Sulek Films


Immigrant Father - Supporting Role

Height:                5'-9"

Weight:                175 lbs

Eyes:                     Brown

Hair:                     Brown (Some Gray)

Role Age:             40-60

Contact Details

Tangerine Talent

Agent: Sueanne Edan

Cell: 212-603-9563



Finch Productions

People Magazine Investigates - Mystery in the Swamp

Season 3, Episode 5

Lawyer - Supporting Role


Windsong Productions

"You'd Be Surprised

Customer - Supporting Role

KMPH Studios

"Babysitting Promo"

Annoyed Customer - Supporting Role

Strange Bird Productions

"Hilton Home2Suites"

Pampered Guest - Lead

New Media

Wes "Wuz Good" Productions

"Couples Night"

Chief of Police - Supporting Role

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